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10 Things to Purge from Your Bathroom

Are your bathroom counters feeling a bit cluttered? Is it hard to get ready in the morning without endlessly searching for that missing product you need? You definitely aren’t alone. The bathroom tends to easily become a mess when we’re rushing to get to work (or get to bed.) If you’re longing for clear countertops and an easy skincare routine, you may need to do a little purging from your bathroom drawers and cabinets. Here are a few items that can be tossed from your bathroom right now!

Hotel toiletries and samples

If you’re one to grab the hotel stash because it will come in handy for your next trip,then this is for you. How long have you saved these toiletries? Have you used them yet? Go through all of your travel and sample toiletries and be honest about what you will really use. If it hasn’t been used yet, odds are it won’t be. Stock up your travel bag and donate the rest to organizations like Iris Domestic Violence Shelter or St. Vincent de Paul.

Old toothbrushes

Did you get a new toothbrush and forget to toss the old one? Freshen up with a new toothbrush in your bathroom and in your travel case.

Ratty or dingy towels

It may be time to update your towels. If they’re frayed or have holes in them, try repurposing them for rags or for your pets!

Kids’ bath toys

If your kids have outgrown their bath toys then it’s time to let them go. Keep what they will still play with and donate the rest if they’re in good shape.


This one is hard because makeup is so expensive! If you have any makeup that is broken or near its end, toss it. Really think about how old some of your palettes are and toss the ones you aren’t really using. Most makeup is only good for about a year so try not to overbuy before using up what you have.


Do you have lotions that you tried and just didn’t like? Toss it, put it in a guest bathroom, or donate it if it’s not opened. You aren’t saving any money by hanging onto something that you won’t use. This is another item to not overbuy on. Wait until you’re actually out of lotion to buy more.

Expired medicine

Some people don’t believe in expiration dates for medicine. Personally, if it's more than 3 years old, I throw it away. If it is old prescriptions, there are drop off locations at your local pharmacy to dispose of the medicine properly.

Makeup and toiletry bags

How many bags do you ACTUALLY need? Go through and if they have any spills or damage, throw them away.

Old hair tools

After purchasing a new hair dryer or straightener, people tend to forget to throw out the old one. If you aren’t using both, get rid of it or put it in a spare bathroom for guests.

Decor that doesn’t serve a purpose

What I mean by this is if the decor is not storage. Canisters are decor but if they’re holding makeup brushes and cotton balls, they are serving a purpose. The countertops in a bathroom can become cluttered quickly, keep as much off of your counter as possible to make preparing for the day a little easier.

Need help purging and organizing your bathroom? Email me or fill out the “Contact us” form on the main menu.

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