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Moving? Here's 3 Ways SCO Can Help

Moving? Save time and stress by hiring South Coast Organizers!

The housing market is so hot right now! My husband and Irecently saw a house, put in an offer, purchased the home, and moved in within a month. With properties moving so quickly, the process can get stressful! We’ve got you! Here are 3 services we offer to help you navigate the moving process.


If you’re preparing to sell your home, we offer decluttering services to get your home ready for real estate pictures. We will use what you already have to stage your home to sell quickly. No need for staging? No problem! Let us guide you through the purging process so you’re not bringing any unwanted items to your new home.


South Coast Organizers also offers packing services. Let us take care of the hassle of packing and keep your things organized in the process. We make sure to use tape and labels to ensure a smooth transition into your new place.


Want to be organized from the beginning? Leave it to us! We offer unpacking services to get you unpacked and organized within days of moving to your new home. Imagine having no boxes left after just a couple of days. Unbelievable? Not with us! We will use space planning to help ensure everything has a place in your new home. We will even help purchase organizing products needed to make your new space ready to be enjoyed.

Pro-tip: Call us as soon as you’re thinking about moving! Our calendar gets booked out 4-8 weeks in advance so book us early to ensure your spot on our schedule.

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