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The Ultimate List of Clutter-free Gifts

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

I cannot tell you the number of times I hear “I got this as a gift, so I have to keep it.”

My next question is always, “do you even like it?” Even though most of the time the answer is no, my clients feel pressured to keep it. “What if my mom asks to see it when she comes over?”

First of all, who seriously does that? Secondly, tell them I made you throw it away. I will gladly take the blame to help create the clutter-free life you crave.

Many of my clients, who are overwhelmed with stuff, accumulate it from others. Whether it’s from friends or family members, gifts tend to turn into clutter. The downside to giving things is that the gift receiver feels a sense of guilt giving it away. The intentions are always good, but the result tends to leave some people overwhelmed and rattled with guilt.

When buying gifts this holiday season, think experiences, services, or something that can be consumed.


Give to that person’s favorite charity or organization

Plan a trip with or for that person

Plan a day with that person (museums, try a new restaurant, create a tour)

Tickets to a movie, concert, or event

Plant a tree in honor of that person

Take a cooking class together

Do something creative (painting workshop, floral arrangement, embroidery or sewing lessons)

Sporting event tickets

Annual passes to zoo, aquarium, or museums

Theater tickets

Art or music lessons

Tennis or golf lessons

Escape room tickets

Seasonal recreational sports memberships

Hunting and Fishing licenses


Free night of babysitting

Cook a meal for the other person

Gift certificate to a spa (mani, pedi, massage, or facial)

Gift certificate for a house cleaner

Gift certificate for a professional organizer

Gift certificate for a personal trainer

Pet services (grooming, boarding, or pet daycare)

Carwash/detail services


Audible subscription

Streaming services subscriptions

CSA box from a local farm

Iverstine Farms meat subscription box

Red Stick Spice tea or spice subscription box

Counterspace BR cookie subscription box

Wine or beer of the month club

Meal delivery service (Blue Apron or Hello Fresh)

The memories of these gifts will last forever with your family and friends and will relieve the stress of receiving more stuff this holiday season.

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