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Moving Services

South Coast Organizers provides more than organizing. Let us help you with packing, unpacking, or designing a space for your home.

Pack that Thang Up

Relocating? We'll toss it, organize it, and box it. We handle  everything so you don't have to worry about that dreaded final part of packing.

$150 per hour

UNPack that Thang Up

Imagine moving into a new home and being box-free in just a few days! We unpack your belongings in your new home and set up organization systems to start you off fresh in your new place. 

$150 per hour

Stage It

Selling your house and need help making your space look welcoming to potential homebuyers? I can declutter and stage your home to help you get it sold quickly!

$150 per hour

Catch the Wall

​Are you bored with that gigantic, empty wall in your home? Do you have a ton of art of pictures just waiting to be displayed? Our Catch the Wall service uses what you have to design a special gallery wall to celebrate your interests and adventures!

$150 per hour

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