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4 Ways to Organize Your Shoes

Why don’t builders consider shoes when creating closets?! It is so common for us to walk into a newly constructed home and the closet has these 5 awkward shelves that are 2 feet apart and leave tons of unusable space. These large open shelves end up becoming “catch all's” and tend to look messy no matter what you do. If your closet doesn’t have any designated shoe space, here are some ways you can keep your shoes organized.

Shoe boxes

These are great because they stack! Use shoe boxes on open shelving to utilize the vertical space PLUS it helps you to maintain a certain amount of shoes. Once you go shopping, one pair has to be donated to fit the new pair. The Container Store also has more affordable shoe boxes that come in cases of 40, tall sizes for heels, and men’s sizes too.

Over the door

Small closet? Use your door! An over the door shoe rack is great for storing sandals, tennis shoes, and flats. Keep those shoes OFF the floor.

Under the bed

These under the bed bins are great for out of season shoes or shoes you don’t wear often. I used to keep my heels under the bed since I only wear them about once every few months. These fabric bins are another stylish option in case your extra storage is visible.

Shoe rack

Look for any open space in your closet to add a shoe rack. An open wall? Long open shelves? Even under your hanging clothes could work. Measure the space before you purchase a shoe rack. They come in anywhere from 2 shelves to 10 shelves. Search on Amazon by how many pairs of shoes you have and you will have an array of options!

Pro tip: Want to maximize your shoe space? Store them back to front! Alternate your shoes facing forward and backward to fit even more into your space.

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