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8 Staging Tips to Sell Your Home FAST with Charly Genco

It seems like everyone is moving these days. If you’re looking to put your house on the market, staging will be the key to selling fast. Here are some tips from my friend and personal real estate agent Charly Genco.


Decluttering will not only help you prepare to move, it will make your home more appealing to any buyer. It’s easier to show off the entire house when there isn’t stuff everywhere. Do a purge before staging and moving so you don’t take anything with you to the new house you don’t really want or need.

Remove big or bulky furniture

To make any room seem larger, remove any over-sized furniture. Less is more when you're staging a home to sell.

Use a pop of color through accent chairs, pillows, or rugs

Research shows that potential home buyers want a more neutral space to begin with. Use small pops of color throughout the house to accentuate certain assets of the house.

Update your lighting

Brighten up your spaces with new light bulbs or even update the light fixtures all together. Reach out to my friend Bridget with Capital City Lighting.

Greenery and plants are a must

Don’t have a green thumb? Use fake greenery for staging. Target has affordable and very realistic fake plants that I use to stage all the time.

Need curb appeal? Try some potted flowers and a wreath.

Potted flowers are easy to take with you once the house is sold. A wreath on the door adds charm and warmth to the front of any house. Check out my friend Racheal’s shop Cajun Mystic for a gorgeous wreath.

Deep clean

Give the house a good deep clean. Tackle those baseboards, light fixtures and windows. You don’t want potential buyers distracted by dust. You want them looking at the assets of your house.


You want potential buyers to see themselves in your house so make sure to take down family photos and decorations with your family name.

Looking to sell? Contact Charly! Email her at or give her a call 225-372-0661

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