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Shop with SCO: Garage Organization

Is your garage a chaotic mess of sports equipment, tools, and miscellaneous items? Do you find yourself constantly tripping over clutter whenever you enter? Fear not! With the right organizational tools, you can transform your garage into a functional and tidy space that you'll actually enjoy spending time in. Here are my must-have products to help you achieve garage nirvana.

Sports Equipment Organizer

Tired of sports equpiment causing chaos in your garage? Invest in a sports equipment organizer like this one to keep everything neatly in place. Say goodbye to footballs, soccer balls, and basketballs taking up precious floor space. A rolling sports ball cart like this allows you to easily store and transport your balls without the hassle.

Wall Hooks

Wall hooks are a simple yet effective way to maximize vertical space in your garage. With a 12-pack of sturdy wall hooks like these, you can hang everything from chairs to tools to keep them off the floor and out of the way. These golf bag hooks keep your golf bags off the ground and neatly organized. These durable bike hooks free up floor space and prevent bike-related accidents. Whether you have one bike or a whole fleet, hanging them on the wall is a space-saving solution. Say goodbye to cluttered corners and hello to a more organized garage.

Industrial Metal Shelves

When it comes to heavy-duty storage, you can't go wrong with Husky industrial shelves. With a variety of sizes, these shelves provide ample space for storing large and bulky items, keeping your garage clutter-free. For a budget-friendly option, check out these metal shelves from Target's Brightroom collection.

Pro-tip: Use your bins as a guide when putting together shelving. Place your bin on the bottom shelf to see how tall the shelf needs to be. Continue for each shelf until you get to the top.

Clear Bins with Lids

Clear bins with lids are a game-changer for garage organization. Available in large, medium, and small sizes, these Sterilite bins make it easy to see what's inside while keeping your belongings protected from dust and moisture. For a modern and budget-friendly storage solution, consider Brightroom clear bins. Available in extra-large, large, medium, and small sizes, these bins are perfect for organizing everything from tools to holiday decorations.

Proslat Slat Wall and Hook Kit

Transform your garage walls into functional storage space with a Proslat slat wall and hook kit. With customizable hooks and accessories, Proslat makes it easy to keep your tools and equipment within reach.

Fishing Rod Holder

If you're an outdoorsman, like many in Louisiana, a fishing rod holder is a must-have for keeping your rods organized and easily accessible. Invest in a sturdy holder like this one to protect your valuable equipment.

Yard Tool Organizer

Tired of tripping over rakes, shovels, and hoes? A yard tool organizer like this will keep your gardening tools neatly stored and easily accessible, making yard work a breeze.

With the right organizational tools, you can turn your garage into a clutter-free oasis where everything has its place. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to a more organized and functional space. Happy organizing!

Need help organizing your garage? Fill out the contact form here or email me at to schedule a consultation.

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