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5 Routines to Jump-start Your Organizational Goals

Is one of your goals this year to “get organized”? How long has that goal been on your list? No hate, no shade, but it’s time to think differently about getting organized. These five routines will help jump-start your goal and keep you motivated throughout the year to tackle your entire house.

Routine #1 Mail/Paper

Do you have a system for collecting and sorting incoming mail and paper? This is a routine you need to establish STAT! So many of my clients find themselves drowning in paper. Think about where you naturally put down your daily mail. Add simple magazine holders to keep mail tidy. I label mine “Needs Attention” and “To be Filed.” Junk mail goes directly to the recycling bin daily.

Does your child’s school send home dozens of papers everyday? Use your fridge or a bulletin board to tack up fliers with important dates and calendars. Or, add them to your Google calendar and then toss them in the recycling bin! Not sure what to do with that cute rainbow your child drew? Or the hilarious story they wrote? Get a file box for each of your children and throw it in there! We like to use hanging files and label each one from Pre-K all the way to 12th grade. This provides a “home” for all of their school keepsakes. You can always purge later!

Routine #2 Laundry/Clothes

The next routine that you need to establish is a laundry routine. Look at your schedule and see where you can squeeze in a load or two. Mornings? Evenings? Would you rather save it all until the weekend? Establish a washing schedule that works for you and your family.

Next, set expectations. Is everyone expected to put their dirty clothes in a hamper? Do they even have a hamper?! I had a client who was so upset about the constant piles of dirty clothes on the floor only to discover there was no hamper in their kid’s rooms! Make sure to set your kids and yourself up for success. Who is expected to fold the laundry? Put it away? This should involve the whole family. Teach your children how to fold their clothes and where to put them away. Kids as young as 5 and 6 can help with simple folding and putting away their clean clothes. You shouldn’t be doing it all by yourself!

Still can’t keep up with the laundry?! Try a laundry service like Hampr. They pick up your dirty clothes and return them clean and folded!

Pro-tip: If all of your clothes (or your child’s clothes) are clean and you can’t fit them in your closet or drawers, YOU HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES. Grab a garbage bag, flip through your closet and drawers and fill it up with items you haven’t worn or you don’t like any more. Drop them off at your local thrift store pronto!

Routine #3 Entryway/Mudroom

What items need to be kept in your entryway or mudroom to allow for a smooth transition out the door each morning? Backpacks, jackets, school shoes, keys, and wallets are usually kept in these areas. Make sure each of these items has a designated home like hooks for backpacks and jackets. I use a bowl for my keys and wallet. Baskets or a shoe rack work well for shoes left by the door. Whatever items you choose to keep in these areas, make sure it has a designated place.

Mudrooms and entryways tend to get cluttered quickly. Take ten minutes on the weekend to tidy up and put unwanted items back in their homes. Make it a part of your weekly reset.

Routine #4 Meal Planning

Does anyone else dread the question “What’s for dinner?!” I know I do, especially after a long day at work. Meal planning is how I keep my weekly meals running smoothly. On Saturdays or Sundays, I plan out my weekly meals and create a grocery list. I stick to simple breakfasts and lunches but like to get creative with dinner. I usually plan 3 dinners a week and double recipes so there is enough food for two nights. Pinterest is great for meal ideas but it can get overwhelming. I like to stick with 3-4 food bloggers who always have amazing recipes when I’m looking for inspiration. I use my meal planning planner to write out our meals for the week, our shopping list, and I include where the recipe is from in case it’s my husband’s turn to cook!

Pro-tip: What’s your family’s favorite meal? Keep those ingredients on hand at all times! I like to keep a couple of quick meals in my pantry and freezer for those nights where cooking is just too much. Trader Joe’s frozen section is my best friend and there’s always miso paste and ramen in my pantry.

Routine #5 Weekly Reset

Start your week off right with a Weekly Reset. Gather the entire family and set a timer for 20 minutes. During this time, everyone is putting things back where they belong. Too many shoes by the front door? Send them to their closets. Cups on everyone’s nightstands? Bring them to the dishwasher. Paper scattered everywhere? Gather it together and put it in your new mail station. A quick reset each week will have everything in its place and ready for any upcoming chaos.

Do you and your family need help setting up routines and systems? That’s what I’m here for! Schedule a discovery call with me by filling out this contact form and let’s get you organized.

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