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5 Spaces to Organize Before the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us yall! Before things get TOO hectic, take some time to get organized for a smoother holiday season. Focus on the following areas so that you can spend more time with family having fun and not surrounded by chaos in your home.

The Pantry

Pull everything out of your pantry and check the expiration dates on each of your food items. Throw away items that are expired and make a grocery list of the items needed for the holiday season. Spend the next few weeks making meals strictly from your pantry to clear out space for all the holiday goodies to come!

The Fridge

When’s the last time you deep-cleaned your fridge? Pull everything out of the refrigerator and check the expiration dates. Toss expired items and create a grocery list of items that need to be replaced. While you’re at it, purge the freezer too! See if there are any items you can pair with your pantry items in some “clean out the fridge” meals.

The Dining Room

Are you hosting any holiday gatherings this year? Take inventory of your party supplies so you don’t waste money on items you already have. Make sure your dining table is clear, linens are washed, and serving dishes are clean.

The Guest Room(s)

The guest rooms in most of my client’s houses (and mine) end up becoming a “catch all” space. That’s typically the space you throw everything that doesn’t have a home. Take some time to comb through the items in your guest room(s) and closets to make sure your guests have a clutter free space to relax. Check out my Ultimate Guest Room Checklist for some ideas on how to make your guests feel right at home!

Kid’s Toys and Clothes

Santa’s coming!!!!! Before new toys and clothes arrive, it’s time to get rid of the old ones. Purge any toys that your children have outgrown and go through their clothes to make sure everything still fits. I KNOW that children who share their toys and clothes with others are definitely on Santa’s Nice list 🙂

Need help getting your home holiday ready? Email me at to schedule a consultation.

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