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5 Tips to Organize Your Child's Keepsakes

Want to create a keepsake for your kids while also organizing all of their memorabilia? Make them a memory box! Anytime we have a client who is overwhelmed with their kid’s artwork and memories we suggest making them a memory box. Purchase a file box such as this one and get started by collecting all of the artwork, birthday cards, report cards, and any other special papers for each child. Toss any items that aren’t special because–let’s be honest–they all aren’t special (it’s the truth!). With the remaining items, use these tips to organize them in your child’s new memory box.

Store them in your child’s closet

The easiest place to store memory boxes is in your child’s closet. Most file boxes stack nicely together on the floor or even at the very top of a closet.

Using hanging file folders

Instead of just piling the papers on top of each other in the file box, use hanging files to keep items from getting bent.

Use tabs to organize by year or grade level

Use the tabs that come with your hanging files to organize your child’s memorabilia. We like to organize by grade level so it’s easy to put away year after year. You can also organize by year or even type of memory such as birthday cards, report cards, paintings, drawings, etc.

Keep them accessible

Memory boxes need to be accessible so that you can continue to add to them year after year. Now that you’ve created a home for all of your child’s memories, you want to continue using it.

Purge annually

Create a routine that at the end of each year, you purge some papers from the previous years. What once was special, may not be anymore. Most parents tend to keep EVERYTHING their first born has made and barely anything for the baby! Plus it will be fun for kids to look at their old artwork and see how much they’ve grown and learned!

Pro-tip: Instead of hanging on to all of your children’s papers, try using a service such as ArtKive to create books or wall art for everyone to enjoy.

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