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6 Tips to Organize Your Entryway

Do you step foot in your home and immediately feel stressed looking at the clutter in your entryway? You aren’t alone! I see so many homes with stuff dropped the second everyone walks into the house. Setting up a system in your entryway that works for your family will help contain the clutter and make for a more tranquil entryway.

Start with a plan

If your home doesn’t have a mudroom, designate a space to create one. Think about how your family enters the house. Is it through the front door? Back door? Garage? Create your entryway system where your family enters the house to make it easier to maintain. Determine what items will and will not be stored there to make sure there is enough space for everything.


Take the time to go through everything that exists in your entryway or mudroom. Sort and purge items that are no longer needed. Return items that shouldn’t live there to their homes. You should be left with only the items you want to store in your entryway. This will help to determine what organizational products you will need to maintain your newly organized space.

Make space for each family member

Having a designated space for each family member is key. It makes each person responsible for putting their things away and makes it easier to find items when each family member is looking for it. If you have cabinets or a locker type system, that’s awesome! If you’re creating your own entryway organization, a simple hook and basket for each person works.

Use containers for small items

We like to use bowls or small bins to store smaller items that tend to get lost in an entryway. Keys, wallets, and sunglasses are usually the items you need to grab on your way out the door. Make sure there’s a designated container and never lose those keys again!

Use furniture and wall space for storage

If you are creating an entryway from scratch, consider purchasing furniture to store your items. A hall tree or shelves with baskets work to store jackets, hats, and shoes. Use the wall space by adding hooks to hang backpacks or sports equipment. Open storage tends to look messy so consider using baskets (not clear ones) to hide the clutter. Furniture with cabinet doors works too to create a clutter free look in your entryway.

Tidy daily or weekly

In order to maintain any organizational system, it needs maintenance. Take a few minutes daily or weekly to tidy up your entryway. Return items that don’t belong there, remove items that are out of season, and give it a good wipe down to be prepared for the week.

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