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6 Tips to Organize Your Garage

For some odd reason, we receive multiple requests for garage organization during the summer.

In Louisiana.

Where it’s 85 degrees on a good day.

Summertime always has folks thinking about outdoor organization because we finally have time to enjoy it. With the kids home, many families need outdoor spaces to get those kids out of the house and playing outside! Here are some tips to get your garage organized.

Set your intentions

Is the goal to park one car in your garage? Two cars? Is the goal for your garage to be strictly storage? Do you need a workout space? Do you need a zone specifically for sports items or back stock pantry items?This is a common question we ask clients. This will help set intentions for your space and will give you limitations on how many items you will be able to keep.

Purge purge purge

How long have you had the piece of wood? Have you ever thought about using it for a project? Garages tend to be the space where items go to die. Be honest with yourself and get rid of items you’ve hung on to for years and have never touched. Begin by pulling all of the items out of your garage, sorting them into categories, and then deciding how much of each category you want to take up space in your garage. For example, if half of your garage is taken up by camping gear and you’ve only been camping once, do you really need to keep it? Could you just borrow a tent next time you go?

Pro-tip: Have something useful but maybe can’t donate it? Put it by the road! Post it on your neighborhood app or Facebook page. I promise you, SOMEONE will pick it up. There have been so many jobs that we’ve placed items by the road and they’re gone within the hour!

Invest in storage solutions

If your garage is bare, you will need to invest in storage solutions. You will need shelving, cabinets, a pegboard system etc. Decide on a budget and start shopping! If you’re looking for storage solutions with great design, check out The Container Store’s Elfa system. Need an in person designer for your garage? Check out Inspired Closets here in Baton Rouge. They will measure and design a garage system that is perfect for you!

Use every inch of wall space

Hang everything you can! Yard tools, bikes, hammers, everything! Garages become a major mess and much harder to clean when items are stored on the floor. Use every inch of wall space and even ceiling space to hang whatever items you can.

Buy matching bins, just do it

Consistent containers will instantly make your space look organized. Make sure to measure your shelving and cabinets and buy containers that will fit in your space. I recommend using containers with lids that lock for outdoor spaces. It will keep your items clean and free from critters. Rubbermaid and Iris brands have a variety of sizes and colors to make your garage look Instagram worthy.


Large, bold labels will help keep the whole family accountable. Not only will everyone be able to find their things, they will know where to put them back (which is the key to staying organized!) Store commonly used items at eye level and lesser used items up high.

Have a specific garage question? Email me or fill out the contact form under the “Contact Us” tab to receive a free consultation call.

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