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6 Tips to Organize Your Holiday Decor

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Are you someone who goes all out for the holidays? Are you someone who just can’t resist multiple trips to Hobby Lobby and HomeGoods to purchase just ONE more pumpkin or Christmas tree? My interest in the holidays varies. Some years I’m totally down with decking the halls and other years I’m just too busy to worry about decorating.

This time of year can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. If this year has taught us anything, it should be to focus on the things that matter to us. Is it a perfectly decorated house or a memorable day with your family? You get to make that choice! By starting now and planning ahead, this can be your most stress-free and joyful holiday season yet! Here are 6 tips to get you started in organizing your holiday decor.

Take inventory of your holiday decor

Before hitting up Hobby Lobby and Home Goods, make note of all the items you already own. Do you already have working lights? Do you have 18 pillows with witty Christmas sayings like “Sleigh All Day” or “Up to Snow Good”? Assess how much decor you already have before purchasing any new items. I know you can do it!


If you like to switch out decorations every year, then it’s okay to keep unused items. Consider purging the items that haven’t been used in years, items that are broken, or things that no longer fit your style. It’s okay to change your mind about decor! Donate unused items to your local thrift store, because someone else will LOVE it.

Measure and plan before you purchase containers

Before I buy products for any project, I pull everything out of the space and assess how much is actually there. Looks can be deceiving! After pulling out all of your holiday decor and getting rid of unwanted and unused items, sort the rest into similar groups. From there, decide how many containers you will need. If these bins are going into a closet or on a shelf, make sure you measure them! You will waste your time and money buying bins that won’t fit in your designated space for holiday decor. Measure your spaces twice before purchasing. Trust me!

Idea: Another way to store decor is by room. Place all decor items together according to what room they will be in. This will make unpacking and decorating much easier for everyone.

Label everything

Label, label label! Instead of just labeling your containers “Halloween” or “Christmas” make sure you add more details so you know exactly what is in each container.

Store all of your decor in one place

This may be impossible depending on your space BUT at least store each holiday’s containers together. I mean all of your Christmas in one spot, all of your Fall and Halloween together, and any other seasonal decor you may have. This prevents overbuying. When your stuff is scattered into multiple areas, it’s hard to see exactly how much you actually own. It also causes you to buy duplicates of things because it seems as though items are lost, when they are just elsewhere. It will save you time and money when getting ready for the holidays!

Take photos

Do you already know exactly how you want the house decorated for the holidays? Take photos of your decor as a guide for your holiday helpers to know where to place items. Print and tape the photo on the inside of each container that way decorating next year will be a no brainer!

Need help taking down and organizing your holiday decor? We can help! Email me at to get a quote.

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