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6 Ways to Stay Organized with Kids

Nicole with Organized Chaos Blog

I don’t know about you, but one of the biggest organizational struggles in our house is keeping the kids’ things in order. There is just SO much stuff that goes along with having kids. From toys and games to clothes and art supplies. It can get overwhelming quickly. That is why it is so important to have organizational systems in place for your kids, and to teach them how to use these systems as they grow. Here are six simple organizational ideas for your kids.

Baskets and Bins for Toys

When it comes to kids’ toys, my favorite way to store and organize them are in baskets and bins. Baskets are great because it’s so easy for kids to clean up after themselves by tossing things into the appropriate one. I also love clear bins to store groups of things that go together like Legos or game pieces. Label the boxes with words and pictures so kids of all ages can organize and store items appropriately. You can store the baskets and bins in a closet or cabinet and take them out as needed.

Over the Door Shoe Organizers

I have over the door shoe organizers in every closet of our house. I love the ones with the clear pouches so you can easily see what’s inside. They can be used for so much more than shoes. You can organize art supplies, small toys or my personal favorite, pajamas. I roll my kids pjs and put a pair in each pouch. At bedtime the kids know exactly where to go to grab their jammies. The possibilities for these shoe organizers are endless. The best part is they are hidden away behind closed closet doors.

Bean Bag Storage Pillows

What is it about kids and their love for stuffed animals? We seem to have hundreds that my kids can’t seem to part with. Instead of having them cluttering up their bedrooms or thrown around the house, I love to store them in bean bag storage pillows. This storage systems can then double as a comfy place to relax when watching a movie or TV show.

Forever Box

All parents have those special items for their kids that they just can’t bear to let go of. It might be the outfits they wore home from the hospital, the first art project they brought home from day care or sentimental cards and mementos gifted from family members. Each of my kids has a forever box that stays on the top shelf of their closet. This box houses all of these items that I can’t bear to give or throw away. One day the boxes will be passed down to my kids to have as memories of their childhood.

Drop spot

We have cubbies at our back door entrance that serve as a drop spot. When the kids come inside they know to put their shoes and jackets (in the winter) in this area. This is also a great idea for school aged kids to store their bookbags, extra-curricular activity items or sports equipment. If you don’t have cubbies you can use a closet or create a drop spot with hooks and baskets. Having an area like this for your kids helps cut down on items cluttering up your house.

Under the Bed Boxes

I like to use the space under our beds for storage of things we don’t use that often. Whether it be their sleeping bags, blankets, winter jackets, or toys they don’t reach for on a daily basis, under the bed boxes are a great way to keep these things organized and out of sight until they are needed. I make sure to label the boxes, so we know exactly what’s inside. Again, if you have young kids you can also attach a picture of what’s inside so they will know too.

Giveaway Box

Kids grow out of clothes and toys so quickly. I like to have a spot to put clothes that are too small and toys that are no longer used. While I do go through my kids’ items seasonally, there are always things that I miss. If my child puts on a piece of clothes that doesn’t fit, it goes directly into the giveaway basket. The same goes for toys they go months without touching. Every so often I go through the bin and either store, sell or donate the items inside.

Thank you Nicole for these amazing tips! Make sure to check out her blog and follow her on Instagram @organized_chaosblog

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