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7 Moving Tips from the Professionals

Moving into a new home? While this time is super exciting, it can also be super overwhelming– especially when you’ve been in your current house for several years. When you haven’t moved in a while, things tend to pile up. Unless you declutter your entire house yearly, you probably have lots of items you haven’t used in a while or even forgot about!

Part of our moving services include decluttering and packing before a move. Trust us on these tips to help make your move much easier.

Start Immediately

Even if you’re just thinking about moving, start decluttering. To put your house on the market, you will have to take professional photos of every space in your home. Staging is key to selling a house quickly. Your realtor will tell you the same thing. Get rid of the clutter!

Begin with the areas you use the least

It’s easiest to start with the lesser used areas of your house. The garage, attic, or guest rooms are a great place to start decluttering and packing. Books, decor, and holiday items aren’t needed on a daily basis, so they won’t be missed if they’re packed in a box.

Purge, purge, and purge some more

Who wants to start off in a new space with old clutter? If there are items you didn’t use in your old house, you most likely won’t use them in the new space. Use this time to comb through closets or spaces that haven’t been a priority in the past. Purge paperwork and junk drawer items that won’t be needed in the new space. Be ruthless!

Pack must have items separately

Think about what items will be needed in the new house immediately, such as clothing, toiletries, the coffee pot, your child’s favorite toy. I like to use suitcases or plastic bins to pack those most needed items. After a full day of moving, you most likely won’t unpack much. You won’t want to search through boxes for your toothbrush. Pack an overnight bag for each family member and create a plastic bin with the must-have kitchen items to get you through the first few days at your new home.

Keep your clothes on their hangers

It is such a waste of time to take clothes off of hangers. We like to take a trash bag and wrap clothing from the bottom and use the handles to tie around the hangers. Clothes can be immediately hung into the new closet and just the trash bags need to be removed.

Purchase a variety of boxes and bins

Before you start packing, make sure you purchase everything you will need to pack properly. I like to purchase a variety of different sized boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, trash bags, ziplocks, packing tape, dish foam, permanent markets and different colored duct tape. If you’re trying to save money on packing materials, check out places like Facebook or Next Door and see if anyone is getting rid of boxes. Most people will be happy to rid their homes of old boxes! Another pro tip is to use towels, sheets, and pillows as a cushion for packing breakable items.

Hire professionals

If packing is just too much, hire professionals. While moving companies offer packing services, they won’t help you declutter and get rid of things. That’s why using professional organizers like us is a better investment. We will help you go through and purge your entire house before packing anything. We also make sure the boxes are organized by type of items and room so that unpacking is a breeze. We take special care in making sure your items will arrive safely to your new home! We also offer unpacking services too.

Moving soon and want our help? Fill out the contact form on our website to schedule your free consultation call.

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