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8 Items You Forgot to Declutter

Is one of your 2022 goals to keep your home more organized? A great place to start is removing the clutter! It seems like every professional organizer and lifestyle blogger I follow is doing a January “declutter challenge.” You know I love a good challenge, however, some of the essential items can be easily overlooked. Here are 8 things you probably forgot to declutter.

CDs, DVDs, Tapes, and Records

Do you still have old CDs, DVDs, tapes, or records stored away in a media cabinet or lining the shelves of your TV stand? We all have some sort of media taking up space in our lives that we may have long outgrown. First of all, how often do you stop scrolling on Netflix to pop in a DVD to watch a movie, or pull out a record in lieu of jamming to your carefully curated Spotify playlist?? Do you still own the multi-season DVD collection of your favorite TV show that’s now available for streaming on Hulu? ? Make sure you keep items that you will use and not ones that are just taking up space in a cabinet or closet. Consolidate your CDand DVD collection by getting rid of the packaging and purchasing a CD binder or case. It allows you to keep your precious entertainment while saving major space. Better yet, embrace the entertainment available at your fingertips and, please, stay away from the $4.99 DVD bin at the store!


As an avid reader and booklover, I know that nothing compares to settling in with a good read and getting lost in the story. Books are seen as a great addition to any home, and keeping a collection of your favorite novel can remind you of the place and time you enjoyed those stories. However, how many of us collect books only to have them end up in a dusty pile on our nightstand? Take a look through your book collection and be honest with yourself about what books you will actually read (or read again) and which ones are just taking up space. Keep your favorites and any new books you haven't read, but make sure your space can hold your collection!


As a former teacher, I used to get a ton of candles as gifts. Many of them didn’t fit my taste but I would still hang on to them. Go through your candle collection and toss the ones that don’t bring you joy or that are long done. You’re not going to clean out and reuse that jar, trust me.

Liquor Cabinet

Cheers y'all! Most liquors don’t expire but syrups and mixers do. Go through your stash and dump anything that is older than a year. Feel free to toss anything left over from a gathering that isn’t your taste.

Jewelry Box

Diamonds are a girl's best friend…until they get tangled in that mess of a jewelry box! Pull out all of your jewelry and set aside items that you no longer wear. Invest in a jewelry stand that allows you to hang your necklaces to keep them from getting tangled. Also, a stackable jewelry box will give each of your accessories a nice home while allowing you to see your collection.

Old Tech/Wires

Raise your hand if you have a random box of wires in your house. Everyone’s hands should be up because I know you do! Take some time to go through all of your old chargers and cables. If you don’t know what it’s for, throw it away! Still not convinced? Place all of your wires into a box and mark the date. If you haven’t reached for anything in the box in 6 months, then it’s time to toss it.

When it comes to old technology such as laptops, iPads, and phones, people get nervous to get rid of them because they often store personal information. Capital Area Corporate Recycling Center takes your devices, wipes the information, and recycles them for you! Ask for a receipt and it’s a tax deduction.

Travel Size Toiletries/Samples

I love a free sample and a good hotel shampoo but remember that there are expiration dates on these items. Go through all those Birchbox samples and make it a point to use it or trash it. Want to do something good with your overflow toiletries? Make goodie bags and donate them to your local homeless shelter or domestic violence center (in Baton Rouge, we have St. Vincent De Paul or Iris Domestic Violence Shelter).


Think about your evening routine and what items should be stored in your nightstand. Pull everything out, sort your items, and throw away anything expired or unused. Use drawer organizers to store everything nice and neat so you can go to bed relaxed each evening.

Having trouble decluttering? This is our speciality! Part of our organizing sessions are dedicated to guiding you through the purging process. Feel free to email any questions or inquiries to

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