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9 Items to Purge from Your Closet

I don’t know about you but this sunny, cool weather has me thinking about spring cleaning! With the changing of seasons, I love to do a little clothing purge of the items I know I won’t wear. I comb through my wardrobe and donate any clothing I didn’t wear last season and most likely won’t wear this one. If you have trouble purging clothes, here are a few ideas of items to easily get rid of.

Anything that doesn’t look good on your current body

This is a really hard one for many women who fluctuate in weight or pre- and post-pregnant women.

You want the majority of your closet to feature clothing that looks good on you NOW.

How difficult is it to get dressed when half of your wardrobe doesn’t fit? The purpose of an organized closet is to make getting ready easier. If you aren’t ready to completely get rid of the items that don’t fit, pull all of the items out of the closet and bin them up by size. Store them at the top of your closet, in the attic, or any other open space you have available. Set a reminder on your phone to check back in with the clothing in a couple of months and see if the items fit you again or if you’re ready to say goodbye for good.

Outdated trendy pieces

I know it’s fun to keep pieces that you think will come back in style again, but if it’s taking up valuable clothing space, it may be time to let it go. Trends tend to take 20-30 years to come back, do you really want to hang on to an item that long? If the trend does come back around, ask yourself, am I really going to wear this again? Does it even fit? If the answer is no, then toss it in the donate pile!

“Thinspiration” clothes

See tip number 1! The same thing goes for the clothes you wore when you were a smaller size. It is so depressing to have a closet full of clothes that you USED to fit in. Keep the clothes that fit your current body and donate the rest. If you end up losing weight, fabulous! Treat yourself to some new clothes! If you don’t lose any weight, AMAZING! You have so many cute outfits in your newly organized closet that look beautiful on you. Keep the clothes that make you feel good.

Damaged or stained clothes

How long has this item been damaged or stained? Is it worth the time and cost of repairing it? If the answer is yes, put these items aside as an action item. Add the dry cleaners or tailor to your to do list and get it done. If the clothing item isn’t worth the extra effort, toss it.

Bridesmaid dresses (or any formals you wore in high school)

If the bridesmaid dress isn’t something you could or would wear again, go ahead and donate it. The bride doesn’t expect you to keep it forever. I’m sure there are many wonderful pictures of that special day so no need to hang onto the dress for memories. The same goes for any homecoming or prom dresses. If it can’t be worn again, donate it and give it to someone who needs a formal. The memories won’t be lost just because you get rid of the item.

Mismatched socks

Just throw them away already! If the sock hasn’t found its match within three wash cycles, trash it!

Painful shoes

I know that those heels are so adorable, but if they’re so painful you never choose them, it’s time to let it go.

Anything that makes you uncomfortable

That skirt that’s just a little too short or that top that’s become a little tight. If it’s an item you never reach for because it makes you feel uncomfortable, it’s time to donate it.

Memory T-Shirts

We all have those t-shirts that we keep but never wear. Don’t let it take up any valuable real estate in your closet or dresser. Be brutally honest in what t-shirts are actually special and create a memory bin to house them. I promise you don’t need every shirt from high school, choose your favorite 2. Tons of shirts from sorority events? Pick your couple of favorites and donate the rest back to the organization.

Another great way to get those sentimental shirts out of your closet is to create a t-shirt quilt. Make something that you will actually use, like a cozy blanket! It will keep you warm and bring back all of those great memories every time you use it.

Need help deciding on what clothes to keep? Contact us! Part of our services is to help you purge and make decisions on what items are best to keep and what can be donated.

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