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9 Things to Declutter in Your Living Room

Our living rooms tend to be one of the most used and loved rooms in our homes. It’s hard to prevent it from becoming the drop zone for forgotten items. It fills quickly with clutter such as old mail, a lone sock, device chargers, and unread magazines. Here are 9 items you can purge right now from your living room to create a clutter free, relaxing space to kick your feet up after a long day.

Old VHS tapes and DVDs

Do you even have a VCR or DVD player?! Any old home movies can be digitized. Only keep your absolute all time favorite DVDs on hand in case the internet goes out. With streaming services and every movie available on Amazon, it’s time to purge your outdated entertainment.


Take inventory of how many blankets you have and think realistically about how many you actually need. Donate any blankets that are old, torn, or faded to a local animal shelter.

Lumpy throw pillows

Have your throw pillows seen better days? It’s time to update any stained or lumpy throw pillows.

Unused entertainment devices

Old iPads, laptops, DVD players, or CD players need to be gone through and purged. When’s the last time you used it? Is it just taking up space? Be realistic about when and how often these told tech devices will be used. Donate them to a thrift store if they’re in decent working condition or recycle them at Best Buy.

Games and puzzles with missing pieces

Is that game you’re hanging on to missing vital pieces? Take inventory of your games and make sure it has all it’s working parts. Only keep the games you and your family still enjoy. If your kids have outgrown them, consider donating them to your local thrift store or child’s school. Go ahead and start putting the puzzles together that you’re unsure of. If they have all the pieces feel free to keep or donate it. Try having a puzzle swap with another family who loves puzzling. It’s a free, easy way to try new puzzles without the cost and clutter.


When you have little ones, toys tend to end up in your living spaces. Go through and purge any unloved, unused toys. Move toys back into their designated homes whether it be in your child’s room or in a playroom. Make sure to have storage for any toys that will continue to live in the living room. A large basket or even a cabinet should do!

Old Magazines

Recycle old magazines that are outdated or that you’ve already read. Trying to catch up on your reading? Create a “read and toss” pile. Once you’ve gone through and read a magazine, recycle it right away! If there’s an article or recipe you’d like to keep, tear out the page and make a file. Keep it with your household files under “recipes” or “inspiration”. Check with your child’s school to see if they’re in need of old magazines for projects. Art teachers love them!

Unidentified chargers and wires

If you don’t know what it’s for, then you probably don’t need it. Many clients are too afraid to throw away chargers that they are unsure of. My suggestion is to put them all in a box together and write the date on the outside of it. If no one has gone in that box to get a charger or cord in say 6 months, toss the whole thing! Want to recycle old chargers instead of throwing them in the trash? Bring them to your local Best Buy!

Knick Knacks

Sometimes even decor can become clutter. Take a look around your living room and see if there is an excess of decorative items. Open space can create a calming environment so try to eliminate items from your bookshelves, coffee table, and side tables. Fewer items in your living room will also make it so much easier (and faster) to clean.

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