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Decluttering Christmas Chaos: 3 Tips for Kids Overflowing with Gifts

Navigating the sea of presents during the holiday season can be overwhelming, especially

for parents who witness their kids receiving an abundance of gifts. While the joy on a child's face is priceless, the aftermath of too many presents can lead to more chaos than celebration. Many moms I've encountered share that excessive gifting can translate to less space, increased clutter, and extra cleanup. Addressing this issue with family members through an open conversation about gift expectations is advisable. However, if the influx of gifts becomes unmanageable, here are a few strategies to tackle the overflow.

Leave it at Grandma and Grandpa’s house

Sometimes, well-meaning grandparents (and other family members) unknowingly flood their grandkids with a mound of gifts. A practical approach to this is leaving some of the toys at the grandparents' house. This not only reduces clutter at home but also allows the grandparents to relish seeing their grandkids play with the presents they've given.

Re-gift it

Should your child receive a gift that doesn't align with their age or interests, consider keeping it aside as a potential present for another child. There's no shame in re-gifting something that might bring joy to someone else. If you choose to re-gift, retaining the original packaging is advisable.

Pack it away for a rainy day

Combat the "too many toys, nothing to play with" conundrum by strategically rotating toys. By keeping fewer options available at a time, children often engage more deeply with each toy. Stow away activity sets or games in a higher closet shelf to surprise your child on those "I'm bored" days, ensuring a fresh source of entertainment when needed.

Need help tackling the Christmas clutter? Let's talk! Email me at or fill out the Contact Me form to schedule a free consultation call.

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