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Jumpstart Your Journey: 5 Essential Routines for Organizational Success

Is one of your goals for this year to finally achieve that elusive state of organization? If you've had this goal on your list for a while, fear not—let's approach it with a fresh perspective. These five routines are designed to kickstart your journey and maintain your motivation throughout the year as you tackle the organization of your entire home.

Routine #1 Mail/Paper

If you find yourself drowning in a sea of papers, it's time to establish a system for collecting and sorting your mail. Add simple magazine holders labeled "Needs Attention" and "To be Filed" to keep your mail tidy. Don't let your child's school papers overwhelm you; use a bulletin board or your fridge for important dates and calendars. For keepsakes, invest in a file box for each child, organized from Pre-K to 12th grade. This provides a designated home for their school memories, allowing for easy access and future purging.

Routine #2 Laundry/Clothes

Create a laundry routine that fits your schedule, whether it's in the morning, evening, or spread throughout the week. Establish expectations for the whole family regarding hamper use, folding, and putting away clothes. Involve your children in the process—teach them how to fold and put away their clothes. If laundry remains a challenge, consider a laundry service. And remember, if your closet and dressers are bursting, it might be time to declutter by donating items to a local thrift store.

Routine #3 Entryway/Mudroom

Streamline your morning routine by organizing your entryway or mudroom. Assign a designated home for items like backpacks, jackets, keys, and wallets using hooks, bowls, or baskets. Spend a few minutes each weekend tidying up these spaces to prevent clutter from accumulating. Make it a part of your weekly reset.

Routine #4 Meal Planning

Dread the nightly question of "What's for dinner?" Meal planning can be your savior. Plan your weekly meals on the weekend, create a grocery list, and double up on recipes for convenient leftovers. Keep it simple for breakfasts and lunches, and explore creative dinner options. Having a stash of your family's favorite meal ingredients on hand and a few quick meals in the pantry or freezer can save the day.

Routine #5 Weekly Reset

Kickstart your week with a 20-minute Weekly Reset involving the whole family. Everyone pitches in to return items to their designated places, ensuring that everything is in order for the upcoming week. Whether it's shoes by the front door, cups on nightstands, or scattered papers, a quick reset sets the stage for a well-organized week.

If you and your family need assistance establishing these routines and systems, I'm here to help! Schedule a discovery call by filling out this contact form, and let's embark on your journey to a more organized and stress-free life.

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