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Keep Your Accessories Accessible

During spring cleaning or at the beginning of each year, we tend to purge clothes but most folks forget to give a little attention to their accessories. I’m talking shoes, jewelry, purses, OH MY! The key to keeping all those accessories under control is to designate each category its own space and stick to it. That means if you only have space for 25 pairs of shoes, that’s all you should have. I know, I know, it sounds insane to some of you but you will begin to GO INSANE if your accessories begin to take over your entire house!

Before you determine a home for all of your snazzy accessories, I beg you, please donate any accessories you do not want or need anymore! Make room for all of the items you love. Organized accessories will not only look beautiful, they will be easier to find so you can actually wear them!

Here are some products that can help keep your accessories accessible.

Designate some wall space, drawer space, or counter space to organize your jewelry.

Full length mirror (1) AND jewelry organizer?! Yes queen! These jewelry trays (2) are great stacked in a drawer. Also, having a decorative jewelry stand (3) on your dresser can elevate your decor and keep all of your things organized.

Hats need a door or a shelf to live, pick one (or two). Have hanging space? Try this clever hat hanger (1) in your closet or this one for behind the door (2). Simple hooks on a wall would work for storing wide brim hats or stack them in a vintage hat box. Have shelf space? Display your hats on one of these hat mannequins (3).

Whether you have hanging, drawer, or shelf space, these items need a home. Try these to keep your drawers (1) tidy. Hang scarves and belts with a hanger like this (2). Roll up and display your belts with this acrylic drawer (3). Or, use a simple fabric lined basket (4) and roll up those scarves and gloves.

I know you don’t want to hear this, but you have too many pairs of shoes. Over the door, under the bed, or in your closet. Just TRY to keep them off of the floor. Please?! Count how many pairs you need to store and then consider your best options. Hanging them in the closet (1) or over the door (2) works if you don’t have many pairs. Measure your space and see how many of these (3) can be stacked. For under the bed, I recommend a plastic bin with wheels (4). They’re much sturdier than the fabric ones.

Purses deserve a display shelf, but don’t forget about that door space. I love using these over the door (1) hooks for backpacks and cross-body bags. For small clutches, an acrylic purse organizer (2) is the way to go or these shelf dividers (3) help to keep purses upright and file folded. Or even hang them in your closet using a coat hanger or these S hooks (4). Display your designer bags on a shelf but stuff them with old tshirts or blankets to give them shape and make them stand up on their own.

Your accessories should feel like you're in a store, ready to pick and choose your favorite things to wear and rock! Have a specific accessories dilemma? Message me with your questions!

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