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Kitchen Essentials with Lili Courtney

Who else is tired of the question “what’s for dinner?”I know I struggle with thinking of something new and nutritious to make each week. Recently, I’ve started participating in weekly cooking classes with my friend Lili Courtney. These weekly classes, provided through Zoom, have given me a fun new outlet to try new recipes.

Lili aka the Queen of Condiments, is a culinary instructor who hosts cooking classes in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Covington. Her classes give you the confidence you need in the kitchen to execute seasonal and trendy recipes at home. I met Lili at Red Stick Spice during a cooking class and fell in love with her quick wit and hilarious anecdotes.

With everyone cooking at home more than ever, I decided to chat with Lili Courtney and find out her kitchen essentials. She created a list (and links) to her kitchen must-haves for any aspiring home cook.

Microplanes are used for grating fresh garlic and ginger.

Limes can be greedy with their juice and this tool will produce more juice than you can manually squeeze out of any piece of citrus.

Hefty sheet pans that don't buckle are a must for sheet-pan suppers to roasting vegetables and baking cookies

The sharpest vegetable peeler I have ever purchased. I have had this peeler for 15 years and it is going strong. You will be peeling butternut squash in no time with this tool.

I could not begin to sear or saute without this beautiful pan. Staub originates from France and specializes in Cast iron and Ceramic cookware.

I don't trust my touch techniques for deciding whether my proteins are medium rare or fully cooked and ready to pull out of the pan. I rely on this excellent thermometer to pull it off!

Other necessities in your kitchen are:

Chef’s knife and paring knife

Cutting boards


Liquid and Dry Measuring cups

Be sure to follow Lili on Instagram to check out her amazing recipes and sign up for one of her virtual cooking classes here.

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