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Shop with SCO: Bathroom Organization

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Organizing your bathroom can get complicated. Here are my favorite products to organize any bathroom space!

This can be used on the counter or in a cabinet to hold your makeup or daily skincare products.

These super affordable baskets come in 4 different sizes (and colors!) to customize your space.

These come to mind when I say vertical space. These stackable baskets are perfect for any cabinet, closet, or even open shelving space in your bathroom. Store rarely used items at the bottom and more frequently used items up top. Plus they come in gray!

These are great for utilizing any vertical space under the bathroom sink. These drawers slide out easily to access any of your products.

Do you have deep cabinets where products go to die? Try these mDesign deep kitchen bins. The handle makes it easy to pull out, find the product you need and slide it back into its home. Measure your space before ordering one of 4 different sizes.

Drawer inserts for shallow drawers

These acrylic drawer inserts are great for keeping drawers neat and tidy. With a 10 piece set, you can customize it to your drawers. Use these for make up or your daily routine products.

If your drawers are deep, you should try these drawer organizers. They're great for all sorts of products, plus they stack.

Hooks are a must in any bathroom. Perfect for your robes or those clothes that aren’t clean/aren’t dirty (so they don’t end up on your floor or that chair in the corner!)

As always, measure twice before buying any organizing products to ensure they fit within your spaces. What's your favorite bathroom organization product? Share it with me

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