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Shop with SCO: Kitchen Organization

Organizing your kitchen can be overwhelming. Here are some of our favorite products to use when organizing a kitchen.

Shelf risers

These are great for cabinet shelves that are not adjustable. Shelf risers are perfect for maximizing the vertical cabinet space. We use these for coffee cups, bowls, and plates.

Drawer organizers

Bamboo is our personal preference when it comes to kitchen drawer organization. Make sure to measure your drawers first before ordering anything. The expandable flatware organizer is perfect for silverware and other frequently used kitchen tools. The expandable drawer dividers are great for drawers with zip-locks or foil and plastic wrap. We also use these for organizing cooking utensils and tools.

Deep pantry bins

The deep pantry bins are perfect for those cabinets where everything tends to disappear. They act as “drawers” and keep smaller items from getting lost. We use these under the sink for cleaning products or with small appliances to hold their accessories.

Under the sink

The stackable organizer is great to maximize the vertical space under your sink. The acrylic caddy is perfect for holding your most frequently used cleaners that need to travel with you around the house. The cabinet door organizers are perfect for holding dishwasher detergent packets, trash bags or extra sponges.

Food containers

Food containers are a problem for most of our clients. If you own several different types of containers, it can be tough to keep tidy. Do yourself a favor and purchase a matching set. They will easily stack and every one will have a lid that fits!

Cooking Oils and Spices

Risers can be great for spices, but we prefer a double lazy susan. It allows every single spice to be seen plus it maximizes the vertical spaces in your cabinets. Bamboo lazy susans are useful for oils and vinegar storage.

Baking sheets

Try storing your baking sheets and platters vertically. It allows for easy access without having to take everything out of the cabinet.

Still having trouble maximizing your kitchen space? Let’s talk! Schedule a phone call with me by clicking the “Contact Us” page.

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