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Shop with SCO: Pantry Organization

Is your pantry a mess? Are you constantly throwing out expired food because you couldn’t find and eat it in time? Are you double or even triple–buying items you already have because it got lost in the mess? South Coast Organizers is here for you! Here are some of our favorite pantry organization items to keep your pantry looking Pinterest-worthy.

Can riser

We prefer a can riser to the stackable can rack because it allows you to see everything at once. When you have different types of cans, they can get lost in other types of organizers.

Lazy susans

While we love our bamboo lazy susans, we like to mix it up with acrylic ones too. Lazy susans are great for maximizing corner spaces in your pantry. Nothing will get lost or shoved to the back when it is designated to live on a lazy susan. We love using these for bottles and jars.

Bins and baskets

Mdesign acrylic bins come in multiple sizes. Make sure to measure your pantry shelves before ordering anything. We love mixing acrylic with wicker baskets or solid baskets to create interest in the space. We typically use baskets for snacks, baking items, and disposable utensils. If it's an item that doesn't "look good" sitting on the shelf, consider using a bin to store it.

Laundry hamper

Yes, a laundry hamper in your pantry. Hear me out! We love using a small hamper on the floor of pantries. They’re great for storing bags of chips or even grocery bags. They’re large and low enough for kids to help themselves in the pantry while keeping items off of the floor. Try using them for bottled water or other drinks too.


Oxo brand canisters are one of our favorite brands, but can be pricey. Rubbermaid canisters are comparable in quality and about half the price! I personally use these glass and bamboo canisters for pasta, nuts, and grains. Before buying canisters, decide what you’re going to store in them. Baking goods look great in canisters plus they allow your ingredients to stay fresher for longer. We also love to use canisters for other dried goods such as grains and pastas. Just make sure to tape the directions onto the back for easy cooking!

Packet organizers

If you buy a lot of dinner mixes or spice packets, then this is the product for you. Packet organizers allow you to easily flip through and find what you need. These are also great for smaller items like protein bars, smaller kid’s snacks, and drink mixes. Everything stands up straight so it’s easy to see, find, and eat!

But please, I beg you, before you buy ANYTHING, give your pantry a good purge. Pull everything out, toss expired items, and sort your food into categories. From there, you should be able to see what items need bins or canisters. Before shopping, measure your pantry shelves to determine what types of organizational products will fit and then spend that money hunny!

If organizing just isn’t your thing or if you just don’t have the time, please contact us. We would love nothing more than to organize your pantry!

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