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Shop with SCO: Pantry Organization

Is your pantry a constant source of frustration? Do you find yourself tossing out expired food or endlessly searching for items? Say goodbye to pantry chaos with South Coast Organizers! We've curated a list of our favorite pantry organization products to transform your space into a Pinterest-worthy haven that is both beautiful and functional.

Can Risers

Opt for a can riser over a rolling can rack for better visibility. Keep your pantry in order by arranging your canned foods strategically. Group similar items together and line them up in front of each other for easy access and visibility. We love using the mega expandable shelf (shown above), this acrylic can riser, or this bamboo can riser.

Lazy Susans

Whether bamboo or acrylic, lazy susans are perfect for maximizing corner spaces. Say goodbye to items getting lost in the back of your pantry! Make sure to measure the depth of your pantry shelves and purchase lazy susans the same size. We love using these bamboo lazy susans, these acrylic ones (shown above), and these larger 14 inch lazy susans.

Bins and Baskets

Mix and match clear bins with wicker or solid baskets for a visually appealing pantry. Use them to store snacks, baking essentials, and dinner staples. We love these wicker baskets (shown above), these acrylic bins, and these bamboo stackable bins. For deeper shelves, try these deep pantry bins so nothing gets lost in the back.

Laundry Hamper

Yes, you read that right! A small laundry hamper in the pantry is perfect for storing bulky items like bags of chips, drinks or grocery bags. We love using these laundry baskets to keep items off the pantry floor.


Invest in quality canisters like Oxo Good Grips or Rubbermaid to keep ingredients fresh. We also love using these glass canisters with bamboo lids for food storage. Use them for pasta, nuts, grains, and baking goods. Don't forget to label the canisters with the expiration date and tape cooking directions to the back for easy meal prep.

Packet Organizers

Keep dinner mixes, spice packets, and granola bars organized and easily accessible with packet organizers. No more rummaging through cluttered shelves! We love using bamboo (shown above) or acrylic packet organizers.

Before diving into organizing products, start with a thorough pantry purge. Toss expired items and categorize your food. Measure your shelves to ensure a perfect fit for your new organizational tools. And if you need a helping hand, don't hesitate to reach out to us at South Coast Organizers. We're here to turn your pantry woes into a thing of the past!

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