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Summer Sanity Saver: 8 Pantry Organization Hacks

Summer break is here, and that means the kids are home full-time. With the little ones buzzing around the house, having an organized pantry becomes more than just a convenience—it's a necessity! Here are some tips to whip your pantry into shape while keeping up with the chaos of summer.

Create pantry "zones"

Divide your pantry into sections or shelves dedicated to specific types of food. Whether it's breakfast essentials, snacks, dinner items, or beverages, having designated zones makes it easier for everyone to find what they need, reducing the time spent rummaging through shelves. Keep kids snacks and quick meals on the lower shelves to avoid the constant requests for something to eat.

Utilize risers for visibility

Canned goods and spices often disappear into the depths of the pantry. Invest in risers to elevate cans and spice jars, ensuring everything remains visible. This not only saves time but also prevents duplicate purchases saving you money too.

Use turntables for corners

Make use of turntables or "lazy susans" for those awkward corner spaces. Store frequently used items like oils, vinegars, sauces, and spreads on these rotating platforms for easy access and efficient space utilization.

Use bins and baskets for deep shelves

Deep pantry shelves can easily become black holes for food items. Combat this by using bins or baskets with handles to create easily accessible "drawers." No more losing track of items buried at the back!

Maximize vertical space

If your pantry has tall shelves, opt for stackable bins to make the most of vertical space. Shelf risers are also handy for doubling up on storage without sacrificing accessibility.

Shop according to your space

Resist the temptation to buy in bulk if your pantry can't accommodate it. Understand the limitations of your space and shop accordingly to maintain organization and prevent clutter. If you buy more than your space allows, it will be almost impossible to keep your pantry organized.

Utilize door storage

Make use of the pantry door by installing racks or organizers for additional storage. Every inch counts, especially in smaller pantries.

Label everything

Clear labeling is essential for keeping the whole family on board with the pantry organization system. Simple masking tape and a marker will do the trick. Label bins, canisters, and shelves to ensure everyone knows where things belong, making grocery unloading a breeze.

With these pantry organization tips, you can streamline meal prep and snack time, making summer days at home a little more manageable for the whole family.

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