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5 Steps to Organizing Your Pantry

Are you overwhelmed every time you step foot in your pantry? Do you want it organized but aren’t sure where to start? Here are the 5 steps we use when organizing a client’s pantry.

Pull everything out

The best way to begin organizing is to take stock of what you have. Pull everything out of your pantry and start with a clean slate. While it’s empty, vacuum up any old crumbs and wipe down your shelves.

Sort items into categories

While you’re pulling out items, begin sorting your food into categories. Think broad categories such as snacks, breakfast, and dinner. Once you see what you have, you can break up larger categories into smaller groups. Like breaking up snacks into sweets, chips, crackers, etc. As you're sorting, check the expiration dates of your food items and toss anything over it’s date. Finding something that you know your family will never eat but is still good? Consider donating to the Baton Rouge Food Bank or the BR Community Fridge.

Designate zones

Now that you’ve got your food categorized. Determine where each group will go back into the pantry. Do you want your kids to have access to certain foods? Put those categories on the bottom shelf within reach. Do you bake only once a year around the holidays? Put your baking items on a higher shelf. Create a “dinner zone” so when it’s time to cook, you head over to that one shelf to find what you need. A “breakfast zone” accessible to your kid’s will make mornings run smoother and foster independence.

Implement products

Whether you bought organization products before or after you cleaned out your pantry, now is the time to put them in place. Use bins and baskets for snacks and bagged food items. We love using canisters for dried goods. Can risers and lazy susans ensure nothing is lost or shoved to the back of your pantry. Check out our blog post about our favorite pantry products.

Pro-tip: When decanting dried goods in canisters, use a piece of freezer tape on the inside of the lid to write the product’s expiration date. Are there cooking directions on the package? No problem! Cut them out and tape them to the back of your canister for easy cooking.

Label, label, label

Labeling is key in staying organized. It keeps the entire household accountable with knowing where things are and where to put them away. Don’t just label your bins, baskets, and canisters. Label the shelves if needed. A “breakfast” label on the shelf let’s the whole family know where to go in the morning plus allows them to help put the groceries away properly.

Still struggling to make sense of your pantry space? Call in the experts! Send your questions to or click the “Contact Us” page to schedule a free consultation call.

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