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7 Things To Do With Your Child's Artwork

Is your child a tiny Picasso? Do they come home with loads of drawings, paintings, and crafts from school? Then this blog post is for you momma! Many of my clients struggle with figuring out what to do with all of their child’s art. Here are a few ideas and tips to organize it all.

Store artwork in a file box

Create a simple file box for each of your children with tabs to label each grade or age. This creates a special place for the art projects you want to keep and will make a great keepsake later on when your child grows up. Not only can you store artwork in these files, it’s a great place for awards, birthday cards, writings, and photos. All of your sentimental items in one spot!

Declare an art wall

Create your very own art gallery with framed pieces that can be easily switched out. Want to make it even easier? Hang empty frames on the wall and use wire and clips to display the different art pieces.

Make an artwork garland

A simple garland with clips makes it easy for your kids to change out the artwork themselves. This is a great solution for oddly shaped art pieces to hang beautifully. Amazon has tons of great options for around $10. This one even has fairy lights!

Use clipboards

This is a good idea if you are choosing a smaller space as your artwall. Simply hang them on the wall and clip the art pieces to it.

Make a photo book

Companies like Artkive will send you a box to load up your child’s art pieces. Simply send them off and get a book mailed back to you! This is a great option for families with smaller spaces. Display them on your coffee table for everyone to enjoy.

Use it for birthday cards or wrapping paper

Wouldn’t grandma and grandpa LOVE a homemade card for their birthday? Use larger paintings and drawings to wrap small gifts or cut them up and make greeting cards.

Throw it away

I know, I know, this sounds a bit harsh but you cannot possibly keep every single paper your child has ever written on without going insane. Really look at each piece and pick out your absolute favorites. Be sure to do this WITH your child so they can have a say in their favorite pieces too. It’s good for them to practice “letting go” of items that aren’t special. If they really throw a fit, just toss it when they go to sleep!

What do you do with your child’s artwork? Share your ideas!

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