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Closet Must-Haves with Tia Whittington

Tia and I were Instagram friends until we finally met in real life on Galentine's Day last year. It's so funny to see people in real life that you've only known online. Our eyes met across the room and we both shouted "I NEED TO TALK TO YOU!" Sometimes those meetings can be awkward but we had so much to talk about! After helping Tia organize her boutique H Kyle, I had to get her insight on the must-have wardrobe staples that should be in every woman's closet.

On a scale from 1-10, how organized is your closet? No judgement! ;)

My closet is definitely a 1! It’s probably what we need to work on next! Stuff everywhere, on every shelf, and even the floor. I’m not big into trends so it’s really hard for me to part with my classic pieces. Last time I checked, I had 30 pairs of jeans!

Tell us about how you started H Kyle.

While I was still a teacher I began to dabble in customization and made a sweatshirt for myself. One day I wore the sweatshirt to school and several teachers wanted one just like it. It is safe to say it was that moment H Kyle was born.

H Kyle is named after my daughter, Harper Kyle. After teaching and operating H Kyle solely as an online boutique, I stepped out on faith and opened my first brick and mortar store in September of 2015. I have been in business for the last 6 years and have loved every moment of the roller coaster that is being an entrepreneur. Interacting with my loving customers and forming new friendships everyday is often the highlight of my day.

What is your favorite trend this spring?

My favorite trend this spring is all the lavenders and florals coming out. Exaggerated sleeves and faux leather will play a huge part in our style this spring as well.

What is the trend you wish would just go away?

The trend that I wish would go away are huge flowy shirts. They make it really hard to see anyone’s figure and we for sure should be showing those off, regardless of size!

If you had to pick a few wardrobe staples that should be in everyone’s closet, what would they be?

Oooo this is tough one, but I’ll go with what’s in my closet -

  1. A little black dress

  2. A classic white button down

  3. A classic white crew neck tee

  4. A structured black or navy suit - jacket, slacks, skirt/or dress - Ann Taylor or custom

  5. A pair of great fitting denim (not trendy, no holes, distressing) - splurge on these. I’m a fan of Madewell

  6. A classic pair of nude or black pumps

Make sure you're following South Coast Organizers and Tia on Instagram. We will be giving away a $100 gift card to H Kyle Boutique!

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