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Create a System for Papers in 4 Easy Steps

Is your home scattered with papers? Do you randomly wonder where your passport is? Are you unsure what to do with mail once it enters your house besides pile it on the kitchen island? You aren’t alone! Many of my clients need help creating a system for paperwork and mail. Here are some tips to help you create a system to conquer your paper clutter.

Designate a home for papers

Designate a file box or cabinet for longterm filing of important documents. Use hanging and manila folders to label each category. Keep your labels simple, such as health, car, house, pet. It makes it easier to find the folder and slip in your documents to keep.

Next, you need to designate a space for incoming paperwork such as mail, school papers, and work documents. Think about where you naturally place the mail when you enter your home. Where do the kids put their backpacks daily? Designate a space close by for incoming papers so that the system you create is easy to maintain.

Create a routine for daily mail and school papers

Add “going through the mail” or “check kid’s folders” to your daily morning or evening routine. Is dealing with mail impossible to do daily? Do it weekly! Set a recurring reminder to deal with mail on the weekends.

Use products to keep papers contained

I suggest getting a file cabinet or file box for long term paper storage. Use magazine holders or paper trays for daily mail organization. I know lots of moms who use bulletin boards or the fridge for school flyers. Create a file box for your kid’s artwork and keepsakes. Check out this blog post to create keepsake boxes for your kid’s artwork and memorabilia.

Keep it simple

Do you naturally place the mail on the entryway table when you walk in your home? Do you enter through the garage and bring the mail into the kitchen? Think about your natural routine and create your paper system around that. If your papers are stored upstairs, you are less likely to put them away because you will easily get distracted as soon as you get home. Keep your system simple so that it’s easier to maintain.

Need more details on dealing with paper clutter? Check out my post “Conquer Paper Clutter in 4 Easy Steps” to get started or give us a call! We can work with you to create a paper system that will work for you and your family.

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