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Let's Bake Batches

On your mark, get set, BAKE! I spoke with Sarah from Batch Baking Company about how to prep your kitchen and pantry for some holiday baking. Batch Baking Company is a Baton Rouge home-based bakery specializing in sweet and savory small batch treats. Sarah shared her must-have baking tools and ingredients to create amazing bakes.

When asked about her kitchen organization, Sarah rated herself a 5/10. She’s got cute, labeled canisters like you would see on any Pinterest inspiration page, but her utensil drawer is a bit of a disaster. Don’t worry, I’m fixing it :) She does keep items consistently in the same places so that she can find any items quickly while baking. Staying semi-organized is important for efficiency because she’s a one woman baking operation.

Thanks Sarah for sharing some of your secrets and your Soft Gingerbread Cookie recipe (it’s her favorite holiday treat!)

1. Rubber spatulas (a mix of shapes and sizes is very helpful here) 2. Metal or glass mixing bowls, 3. Measuring cups, 4. skinny metal measuring spoons (to get in those teensy spice jar necks) and a big sturdy 5. sheet pan for all of those holiday cookies. As some lagniappe, 6. piping bags and piping tips are great if you wanted to try icing cookies or cakes during this holiday season. You can control icing outflow much better with a piping bag and tips than you can from a normal zip-top bag.

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